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Alva Duathlon Wednesday 22nd May 7pm

Rock and Road Alva Off Road Duathlon – Wednesday 22nd May 7pm

Welcome to the inaugural Alva Duathlon. This is a test event, with the hope being to stage shortly after it a mid week triathlon series using the same course and venue.

The duathlon is designed so that first time off-road racers can get involved knowing they will complete a fun but tough course whilst still providing a very good challenge for the more experienced racer.

Alva’s location makes it within easy reach of much of the Central Belt so it in the perfect location for an evening midweek event.

Registration, transition, changing facilities

Registration will take place at the Ochils Leisure Centre – the centre is located here – http://goo.gl/maps/TIv5Y

Transition will also be located here. Competitors can change here for the race, use the showers afterwards and park here.


Run 1 – 4.5k approximately 3k off road

Du Pic 1

The race starts in Johnstone Park adjacent to the Ochils Leisure Centre. Competitors leave the field and head up onto the back road, turning right and then entering Alva Glen at the golf course. They will climb up to an open gate and continue along the open hillside to the bottom of Silver Glen and then head down the path to the Woodland Park. They will then head down the steps and return towards Alva via the walking path. Once in Alva, they will return along the back road, through the field they started in and onto transition to collect their bikes.

A map of the first run can be found here http://www.strava.com/activities/50296865



Mountain Bike – 11.5k (mountain bikes only)

Du pic 4

Competitors will head out of transition in the opposite direction to which they entered and continue onto the back road. On the eastern side of Alva they will turn sharp left and head up to the Woodland Park along the single track adjacent to the road. Once at the Woodland Park, they will turn on to a one way part of the course, take in briefly some singletrack and then head towards Tillicoultry. Before reaching Tillicoultry they will head left towards the quarry, take in some more short and twisty singletrack and then head along the open hill side above the dry ski slope. At the far end they will turn right down some technical singletrack (there will be a mandatory dismount here for 20 metres) and the head back up a short sharp steep section and return to Woodland Park in a slightly different direction from where they came (marshalls will advise/shout at you!!!). Once back at Woodland Park, the course then takes drops onto some swooping singletrack there – watch out for the signs telling you to slow down – and then back to join up with the walking track you used on the first run and back along the back road to transition, entering in the same way you left on the bike.

A map of the mountain bike can be found here http://www.strava.com/activities/51888095

Du Pic 2It’s mountain bikes only for this race and in any case cross bikes wouldn’t really be suitable. We’ll leave tyre choice up to you. The course goes over a wide range of terrain which can vary depending on weather conditions. Although there will be marshall’s on some sections of all the course, we strongly recommend a pre-race recce, especially the mountain bike section. Remember, it’s your responsibility to know all the course!!






Run 2 – 4.5k approximately 2k off road

Du Pic 3

The final stage is another run, which exits transition along the field and back onto the back road as before. This time competitors continue as per the bike course towards Woodland Park this time running up the road to the Woodland Park. Once there, the remainder of the run is exactly the same as the first run. The finish is in the field where it all began – !

A map of the second run can be found here http://www.strava.com/activities/50324876






The race has been sanctioned by Triathlon Scotland and is held under their rules. It’s a non-drafting race and helmets are compulsory.


There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd overall and 1st in each category provided each category has at least three competitors – you canny just turn up and win a prize!! No competitor can win more than one prize – we’re spreading them out. There is also a prize for first local (FK12 postcode).


There is a goody bag for all entrants from the main event sponsor Rock and Road Cycles from Bridge of Allan.

Race Timetable

5.30pm-6.45pm Registration   and transition set up
6.45pm Race   briefing
7pm Racing   starts
9pm Presentation   of results, baking and banter

Visit the Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/RockAndRoadAlvaDuathlon

Opening Times

Mon-Fri 10am to 10pm

Weekends 10am to 3pm

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